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Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Contoh Soal Greeting Card

Text for no 1-3
To: Mom & Dad
Congratulations on your 15th wedding anniversary.
We wish you a happy life together.

                                                                    From :Fredy & Irine

1. When did Fredy's and Irene's parents get married?
     A. In 1990       B. In 1994              C. In 1992       D. In 1996

2. The card is written to……
     A. My Mom and Dad
    B. Irine’s Dad
    C. Fredy;s Mom
    D. Fredy’s and Irine’s parents

3. The word “we” in the text refers to…..
    A. the writer and the reader            
    B. Fredy and Irine’s son and daughter
    C. Mom and Dad                            
    D. Mom and Dad’s son and daughter

Text for no 4-6
Paul Cristanto
Congratulations on your success to pass the examination.
May today's success be just the beginning of your long-life achievement and happiness.
Remember the challenges are waiting for you in the coming senior high school, However, I believe you can do your best as you used to be and become the best of all again. Good luck!
Your best friend,

4.  What is the writer's purpose to write the text?
     A. To ensure one's happiness
     B. To have a good time.
     C. To congratulate his friend.
     D. To entertain someone.

5. The text shows that Paul Cristanto has just finished his ... school.
     A. junior high       C. elementary      
     B. university         D. senior high

6. Who is Riany?
    A. She is your best friend        C. Riany’s close friend
    B. She is my best friend           D. Paul’s friend

Text for no 7-9
Dear: Andrew,
Hi, brother! Here's to us on our special day! I feel so lucky to have a twin who's just like me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

7. The writer is ....
    A. Mathew's brother
    B. Andrew's twin brother
    C. Mathew's twin brother
    D. Mathew's elder brother

8. The function of the text is…..
    A. to give information that they are twins
    B. to invite the twin to the birthday party
    C. to announce the twin brothers
    D. to congratulate the special day.

9. The word “us” in the text refers to……
    A. sister and brother        C. Andrew’s brother
    B. the twin brother           D. Matthew’s brother                     

Text for no 10-12
To: Riantiano
Congratulations on your success as the winner of the writing poetry contest 2009. We are proud of you.
Best love, your uncle Handy and all family

10. What has Riantiano done?
       A. Won the contest.              C. Met his uncle
       B. Congratulated Handy.       D. Loved his family

11. From the text we know that…
     A. Riantiano congratulates the uncle and family
     B. Riantiano invites his uncle and his family to the contest
     C. Riantiano receives the card from his relatives
     D. Riantiano refuses the card from Handy and family.

12. The word “uncle” means…….
     A. Mom’s or Dad’s sister         C. brother’s mom
     B. Mom’s or Dad’s brother      D. sister’s Dad.

Text for no 13-15

13. Who will probably receive the greeting card?
      Someone who…. in the hospital        C.has done a great job
     B.lives in the world wonderful

14. This greeting may be sent by the followings, EXCEPT….
     A.  a closed  friend             C.  a family doctor
     B.  a charity organization    D.  a class teacher.

15. The word “you” in the text refers to….
     A. writer           C. addresser
     B. reader          D. receiver
Text 6 for no 16-18
To: My beloved niece, Diana
May your degree unlock many doors to success, to happy endings and new beginning. Congratulations!
Your aunty,

     16.  The purpose of the text is…….
      A.   to tell about the doors to success
      B.   to congratulate Diana’s  birthday
      C.   to describe Diana’s happy endings
      D.   to congratulate Diana’s graduation 

17. Who sent the card?
     A.  Your aunty            C.  Diana’s aunty
     B.  Sabrina’s aunty      D.  Sabrina and Diana

18. The word “your” in the text refers to…
     A.  My beloved niece     C.  Diana’s niece
     B.  Sabrina’s niece          D.  Your aunty

Text for no 19-21
Dear Paul and Tessa.
         Congratulation on your first wedding anniversary. Wish you both joy and success.
Lisa and Tom

      19.  The writer wrote the text to….
     A. congratulate the anniversary of the success of someone
     B. congratulate of a year marriage anniversary of someone
     C. congratulate the anniversary of the fourth wedding anniversary
     D. congratulate the wedding party of someone.

     20.  From the text we can conclude that…
     A. Lisa and Paul are husband and wife
     B. Lisa and Tom love Paul and Tessa
     C. Paul and Tessa have marriage for one year
     D. Paul and Tessa congratulate your first   wedding Anniversary